Were you too busy to join our 'Managing the Busy Period' event last week? We have picked out some tips and tricks put forward by attendees to maximise your productivity to help you get through the next few weeks: 1) Automate as many processes as you can whilst ensuring that the 'personal touch' is retained. 2) Prior organisation is crucial; engage with clients early and bring in the required data as soon as possible. 3) Ensure clients who delay your processes with late data are aware of the ramifications (eg. tax implications). 4) Remain realistic and set dates - evaluate what you can and can't do in the timeframe. 5) Your employees are central to success during this period and must remain motivated. 6) 'The Busy Period' is often disproportionately costly to accountancy firms; temporarily outsourcing work is an option. Do you have any other strategies to ensure your time is spent as productively as possible during this hectic time of year? Comment below.

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2021-12-14 17:01:12 UTC