Weekly Roundup -The Club hosted it second instalment of Aynsley Damery's 'Winning the Talent Wars' series! Aynsley shared some fantastic insights, and we'll shortly be posting the recording to the Club's 'Recorded Sessions' section for everyone to access. If you missed this session and want to learn more about resolving your hiring woes, don't miss the final session on the 20th of October. You can register by clicking the button below! - @jim.scott wants to know our members thoughts around the mini-budget and its impact on clients. How has it affected you and them? Let us know here: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/495 -The importance of mental health cannot be understated. Check out what Mazuma founder @lcohen would tell her younger self: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/498 That's all for this week! Have a good weekend everyone!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-09-30 16:25:17 UTC