"96.4% of businesses never get past £1 million or 10 staff" It's been a while since we've mentioned a series of eye-opening interviews we conducted with Nic Rixon, and as we've grown enormously since we first published them, it makes sense to bring them to your attention once more. How do you ensure you get past £1 million? According to Nic, it's all mathematical. He has spent 20 years sharing the mathematical formula that has been a success for him and those he has advised. Every company has revenue milestones, and at each one, you are hit with what are known as 'black holes'. It can be as simple as moving from being a sole trader to a 2 man-band, or the 'mother of all black holes', the one that 96.4% of people can't get through. Other businesses succeed, so the question now is how do they do it? Nic has some incredible insights on this topic, and you can find all his interviews, including the magic formula V=PxD, in the Exclusive Content section of the Club!

Posted by Sam Bott at 2022-08-02 15:36:45 UTC