Weekly Roundup -Registrations for our next webinar with @Mark Jenkins_The Gap have been soaring! Come join us on the 11th August at 11am to hear how you can launch advisory from compliance by clicking the button below! -The Club has published our next podcast on mental health in the accounting profession featuring Lucy Cohen! Watch it here: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/folders/12 -Our Super contributor @Hitendra Patil has shared some interesting results from a recent poll on how people view accountants: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/438 -Founder George Parry has posted a great poll asking why MTD hasn't been the success it was supposed to be: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/439 That's it from us this week. Have a great weekend all!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-07-29 14:26:54 UTC