Weekly Roundup -Today's Q&A featuring Jo Wood and Zoe Whitman from 6 Figure Bookkeeper may have been one of our best ones yet! We had a phenomenal turnout and we were delighted with how engaging everyone found the topic. There was some great discussion, so a special thank you goes out to Joe and Zoe, as well as the incredible members who contributed, including: @vVv @kuzunova @Philz @juan @Veshali @laura.henderson @Marius @DeeRod @lorraine@lmaccounting.org @Rob Melhuish @AnneM @alexandra.cook @samcoxhead @richard5 @yola.renard @apacarada @Carla Valentino @Jacqueline @simbahakata @lamine.konate @forrester @Ola Oladokun @Graham Handley -We want to know what content you'd like to see in future Accountants' Club podcasts, so why not let us know in our poll? https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/428 - @apacarada has posted an interesting question around how you price your clients. There was some great conversation off the back of this, so check it out here: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/426 Have a wonderful weekend all, and see you next week!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-07-22 15:44:33 UTC