🚨WEEKLY ROUNDUP🚨 - The Club has hosted its second podcast with @Kev Whitehouse on how accounting has changed over the course of Kev’s 30 year career. It’s a great view of how he has rolled with the times as the industry has evolved. Check it out here: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/folders/12 🎙️ - We’re spreading the word about our Club-exclusive offers, and this week we’ve shared Daniel Priestley’s ScoreApp offer: 20% discount on starter and advanced packages, alongside 4 unique templates you can immediately deploy to automate your marketing: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/412 ✉️ - Great insights from Andy Milligan as always. The brand expert and successful author shared his tips with us earlier this year on building a compelling business image, and we wanted to remind the Club of this invaluable expertise at its disposal. You’ll want to know what the three big things to get right are: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/36 👈 - Club Founder George Parry shared his thoughts after hosting our last session on cybersecurity and has an interesting question to put forward to our members: https://theaccountantsclub.disciplemedia.com/posts/413 🔐 Until next week, enjoy your weekend everyone!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-07-08 13:56:32 UTC