🚨WEEKLY ROUNDUP🚨 - The Club hosted a fantastic cybersecurity webinar with Rob Shapland from Falanx Cyber. No doubt all who attended the session left with the knowledge to confidently protect their practice from cybercriminals. Don't worry if you missed it - a recording of the session will be posted early next week!🤖 - A thought provoking clip from @Mark Jenkins_The Gap. Are you providing the best service possible by offering the three freedoms to your clients? You can find the video here - let us know your thoughts in the comments: https://me.accountants-club.com/posts/401 ✨ - @Hitendra Patil has thrown a question out there that has led to some interesting debate: What exactly is “ADVISORY” in Client Accounting Services? Weigh in with your definition here: https://me.accountants-club.com/posts/400 🤝 - @jim.scott has shared an interesting article on the rise of the 'nomadic accountant'. With remote working becoming the norm, professionals in the industry can work from anywhere. Is this something you have taken advantage of? Let us know: https://me.accountants-club.com/posts/409 🥾 Have a fantastic weekend and see you next week!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-07-01 13:24:22 UTC