It’s been an eventful week for the Club! -We’ve launched our own podcast! Host Jim Scott was joined by Mark Jenkins to discuss the art and science of advisory services. You can check it out in the ‘Exclusive Content’ section in the dropdown menu, or by following this link: -Registrations for our next session, ‘Under Attack and Under the Radar’, have gone through the roof! If you haven’t already signed-up, join us on the 29th June at 11am to hear about the cyberthreats to your accountancy practice and the protective measures you can take to stave off the onslaught: -We have a question for you! Many of you have previously mentioned outsourcing, in particular during our webinars, and so we would like to know how on earth you choose the right person or company to outsource your work to: Until next week, have a fantastic weekend basking in the sun!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-06-17 16:00:51 UTC