An array of ways for us to communicate with our clients is great right? Email, phone, WhatsApp, twitter, FB Messenger. Its always great to be able to offer clients the route they want but what does this do to your processes? How do you keep track of what is going on? Ive gone through this thought process a number of times and the difficulty is how do we have oversight of what's going on when client communication is in disparate system on team members phones? Clients want immediacy and firms I talk to tell me regularly that client response times are always a big gripe and no matter how well we do its still never quick enough for some clients! So real time chat like WhatsApp might offer a solution but how do we capture this type of comms to allow us to manage risk and so forth? We all want to use modern communication tools to deliver better and more digital services to clients but this has to be balanced with your own process and client management activity. I will be discussing this topic in depth with Ben Marcilhacy from Timworks for the App Advisory Plus App of the Month webinar on Tuesday at 10:30 and would love for you to join us. Ben and his team have been tackling this very challenge to find an effective solution to bring live chat technology to the accounting and bookkeeping space specifically. Thats right, a live chat tool just for us accountants! Do come and join the conversation live and if you can't make the live session register to get a copy of the recording as Ben and I chat around the pain points, why effective client comms is critical and more critically how it can be captured. We look forward to seeing you Tuesday 26th at 10:30 BST. Register here

Posted by Will at 2022-04-22 07:35:28 UTC