It’s been another phenomenal week for the Accountants’ Club! Here are this week’s highlights: The Club’s next session, ‘Becoming a Key Person of Influence’ [22nd April 11am], has now opened for registrations! Come sign up to see what the entrepreneur Daniel Priestley has learnt about becoming a Key Person of Influence, and how you can become one too: We’ve posted a poll in Talent about standing out from a competitive recruiting environment, so let us know your thoughts by voting and commenting here: The recording for our last session, ‘Marketing Your Practice’, is now in the Folder ready for all members to view. Check it out if you missed it or if you need a reminder on what was discussed: One of our Contributors @Hitendra Patil has made a post asking what kind of relationship you should have with your clients. Let him know your thoughts: Until next week, have a wonderful Easter Weekend everyone!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-04-14 15:02:09 UTC