Attention all Accountants’ Club Members! We have scheduled out next session, ‘Becoming a Key Person of Influence’ [22nd April 11am], which will be hosted by the entrepreneur Daniel Priestley. There isn’t a single industry that doesn’t have Key People of Influence. You will likely be able to think of some names in the world of accountancy that spring to mind. These people attract opportunities, generate more business than their peers without a struggle, and can give projects the magic touch they need to be successful. Daniel will be sharing his 5-step process that has positively impacted businesses throughout the world so that you have the tools you need to become a KPI. Who wouldn’t covet that special status that will give your business another edge and supercharge its growth? Register now so you don’t miss out!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-04-12 15:30:50 UTC