It’s safe to say that ‘Marketing Your Practice’ was a hit among the Club’s members! What valuable insights did we pick up at last week's 'Marketing Your Practice' event? -Videos Videos Videos. @Bev Flanagan and @callum.macrae could not stress enough the value that these provide in helping you build a brand. Shoot them on your phone, keep them short but sweet, and keep them consistent. The hot leads will come rolling in. -Consider outsourcing your website development to web designers and copywriters. Their expertise doesn’t have to be costly, as you can even get university-level students to do high-quality work while giving them some experience. You will be amazed at the results. -Have a LinkedIn profile for your business but promote it on your personal profile. The human face will make an enormous difference. It’s also important to link your social channels so that any video you post gets posted simultaneously on your other platforms. This will save you time and boost your reach. -People buy from people, so don’t hesitate to show your personality to your audience. To @chris.drinkall @iain.farr @Kim @apacarada @Dawn Benson @alexandra.cook @a.hassan-thorne @elizabeth.carter, and all our other guests, it was great to have you along!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-04-11 17:30:39 UTC