Hi everyone, I've recently joined The Accountants' Club so thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a Chartered Accountant (of over 25 years) based in Whakatane, New Zealand. I ran my own firm with a team of up to 40 people for 17-years where 50% of my revenue came from Advisory Services. Since selling my firm in 2015, I've been a Director of The Gap (https://www.thegapportal.com/) which is a 'Process Engine' to allow Accountants to market, sell and deliver advisory services. We have over 450 Gap members throughout New Zealand, Australia and the UK. With so much talk (noise) about advisory (lies like 'compliance is dying', or 'MTD will make Accountants redundant'), I prefer to focus on the practical and proven ways to deliver advisory as well as a great compliance offering. Connect with me if you're interested in hearing insights on advisory from 'Down-under' :-) #accountantsclub

Posted by Mark Jenkins_The Gap at 2022-03-30 01:24:42 UTC