@eva.mrazikova and I had the pleasure of meeting a very passionate accountant yesterday, Rachel Roberts, who has established a direct connection with the ACCA in Ukraine with a view to putting accountant refugees in touch with accounting professionals in safe havens who can not only offer them safe accommodation but paid professional work whilst they are unable to return to their homes. She has been inundated with the response from the Ukraine and so is looking for as much support as she can find. This is not just in the UK as I’ve just connected her with a client firm in Canada as an example. If you’re interested in more details, please contact Rachel direct, rachel@rraccountancy.ltd and tell her it was Richard & Eva from the Iris roadshow who passed on her details to you. I’ve already had 5 of my own client firms offer since late last night, it’s great to see that accountants want to help people in such terrible circumstances. Thank you.

Posted by richard at 2022-03-18 10:16:49 UTC