I could easily be accused of 'banging on' about the importance of regular client touchpoints to deliver great client experience, and its probably true! I had an interesting challenge on this recently though. Almost a touchpoint for touchpoint sake type of challenge! Its a very valid point - what do we want to achieve from these regular touchpoints, is there an objective and how can we coach and support our teams to ensure that there is real purpose to the client contacts we have? This brings me round nicely to the fact that I will be chatting with Andrew Jordon Founder and CEO of Connect4 next week for our App Advisory Plus App of the Month webinar. Andrew and I will discuss why regular touchpoints with purpose are essential in building effective client relationships that drive real value and great experiences for the client which in turn generate new revenue for accountants and bookkeepers. This is all set to be a great discussion and we very much want to tackle some of the big questions about how we help our teams shift from task to client focus. Register to join us live on Wednesday 23rd March at 10:30 or to access the recoding of what will certainly be an engaging and valuable discussion. https://bit.ly/37qfx8E

Posted by Will at 2022-03-17 09:54:54 UTC