For anyone who joined us on today's pricing webinar, here's a quick recap on what I shared how I view pricing the work I do here in my practice: 1 - change your thinking and views about what you offer, whilst your service may not be unique - you are and the way you serve is (clue, you are not a servant) 2 - identify your ideal client and the type of work you like doing, but also identify the type of client you don't like and the work you don't like doing - then make a plan to only have ideal clients and ideal work, you don't have to help everyone with everything 3 - clients don't want a tax return or a set of accounts or payroll or VAT - what they want us an outcome - even if that outcome is to take away the worry and stress of compliance - that is a different outcome, but most who ask the right questions to want something else 4 - when speaking to your prospects or existing clients you need to answer yes to 3 questions - do you understand their problem? - can you solve their problem? - do you want to? I explain this better in a free (no sign up) 10 minute video at:

Posted by Kev Whitehouse at 2022-03-10 16:38:35 UTC