It's been an eventful and exciting week for the community! -The Club has had an enormous wave of sign-ups to our next virtual session, hosted by @martin1 and @KevW ! ‘Price Your Advice’ [10 March 14:00] will share insights on how to value your service, communicate its worth to your clients, and having difficult conversations about rate increases as well as how to decide on what payment model to use. Make sure to reserve your place if this is on your agenda: - @Hitendra Patil has continued his series of posts on Customer Accounting Services (CAS) in Growth, which will be especially useful for anyone who wants to cultivate their knowledge of account management: -We have shared an engaging podcast from the Accounting Influencers podcast in which @martin1 took part. Listen to it in the background for some stimulating conversation on what may be expected from accountants in 2022, particularly with regard to cashflow management, advice on upcoming repayments and rising costs: -A BIG welcome to this week's new members! @Eric Giordanengo @umesh @andrewclark @Rizwan @yen.dang @strandcpa @nick1 @Rochelle.Hood @lilybarrett1404 @chloe.carroll @lucademarco @Akshaye @Philip Murray @sam1 @Marcus @mforeman @Carole Nugent @Carmen Herridge @Garychaj @ubaidulhaque @andycross4 All told it’s been a phenomenal week, and we look forward to what the next one has in store for us!

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-02-25 16:30:51 UTC