"Excellent use of an hour, well presented and great content, thank you!" Our third event of 2022, ‘Memorable Customer Experience’, was a great success! Andy Milligan’s insights were focused on the initial steps a business needs to take when building its brand, from initiating client outreach to learn what they love about you to deciding what you will stand for. Building a watertight brand gets you the clients you want but also the hires who share your values and will extend your reach as the business grows. Lastly, we took time answering questions around how best to integrate your brand in an M&A scenario, how to start building your brand as a solo practitioner, and how to market your brand effectively! Here are 5 key takeaways: -Call and meet your clients to ask them what they most value about your business. This is a great starting point, and also a great business development opportunity. -Rather than being the best at everything, try and focus on 3 or 4 aspects that you can deliver incredibly well. -Instead of thinking of customer experience as customer service, think of it as a journey from when they discover you to when they choose to renew with you. There are so many touchpoints in this journey where you can implement those 3 or 4 specialties, whether that’s making it easier for the client to move to you or to contact you. Think of these as hallmark moments. -However small or big your company is, the leadership has to buy into the vision. Leaders are the ones who the rest of the company will look up to, and without belief in that vision your brand won’t appear authentic. -Use ‘customer closeness’ to keep up to date with what your client's biggest pains are. This could take shape with arranging a meeting wherever they would like to meet, or dedicating part of your website to customer opinions, but whatever it is, make sure it places you in your client's shoes and allows you to understand their pain points. A big thank you goes out to Andy Milligan and everyone who joined us, it was a pleasure to have you all!

Posted by Sam Bott at 2022-02-15 17:16:10 UTC