You should make your #accountant your #valentine! Not necessarily your romantic interest but surely for your financial interests. Here’s why: A common legend states that St. Valentine defied the emperor's orders and secretly married couples to spare the husbands from war. Your accountant can spare you from your war with financial complexities. Love is taxing. But, do you love taxes? Leave them to your accountant, because accountants love taxing! And if you ever had a one-sided crush, it does not happen with accountants. They always ensure to (prepare your tax) “return”. They say you should not hide information from your Doctor, Lawyer, and Accountant. Your financial lingerie should be in your accountant’s drawer. Many times accountants clean your dirty financial linen too, not necessarily in the open. Love is a big business, especially on Valentine’s day. But for entrepreneurs, a business can labor of love. Accountants can, however, guide and advise you to the rewards of your labor you deserve and get there faster than you alone can. In your life, is love an asset or a liability? In your financial life, your accountant balances those out. Valentine’s day is the best for presenting the three-stoned - past, present, and future - engagement ring. Accountants are competent to handle the past, present, and future of your business and financial life - like planning for your baby’s & your present financial life, and for your retirement. I have even met “divorce accounting” specialists (hopefully you won’t need them). Love implicitly means you can count on your Valentine. No better person than an accountant to do your “accounting”. Love can be challenged by financial stress, especially at month ends. But not with accountants. They love month-ends! Love can fade and serious differences can arise. But not with accountants. They always reconcile. When love is in turbulent waters, you need advisors. Make your accountant your most trusted advisor to ensure not to get into financial troubled waters. Love’s foundation is trust. Accountants are known to be the most “trusted” advisors. Happy Valentine's Day! #accountantvalentine #accountant #accountantlove

Posted by Hitendra Patil at 2022-02-14 10:40:05 UTC