If you’re looking to build the client base for your practice, it’s likely you’ve thought about using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a fantastic platform to connect with prospective clients and build relationships. However, it’s a busy place and business owners receive messages from a lot of people. Not just accountants, but technology companies, hosting companies, printing companies, cleaning companies, random companies, the lot. How do you stand out? Well, as someone who uses LinkedIn every day (maybe every hour) I've been researching some techniques to improve LinkedIn acceptance rates, especially now that we're capped at 100 invitations per week. And I've found some interesting ideas worth sharing. Beyond the usual stuff about getting your profile into decent shape (let me know if you’d like some pointers on this too) here are the top three things you need to include: #1 Use the word ‘because’ Because is a powerful word (err) because it justifies what your request. For instance, I wanted to connect because … and then insert your justification. This could be “you’re a CEO of a fast growth business” or anything reasonable. Sometimes it works when your justification is simply humorous too. I once connected with the actor Kevin Bacon “because people say we look alike”. He accepted. So use because to justify your action. People like to know why you want to connect and the word because forces you to explain. #2 Like their stuff Before you send someone a connection request, like their stuff. People don’t post for fun and their comments always reflect their opinion. Unless you’re a social superstar, the chances are your comments and post don’t get that much attention, so you’re way more likely to connect with someone who’s gone to the hassle of liking your stuff before they connect. And that’s especially true if you connection request references the ideas or values they have demonstrated in their comments or posts. For instance, “I wanted to connection with you because your recent article encapsulates the values I also share regarding ABC”. #3 Give it a P.S. (or BTW) Yes, it’s an old technique, but it’s rarely used in a social media setting. The P.S. can provide that last wee bit of impetus to encourage the recipient of your connect request to accept. The P.S. is most effective is it’s short and links to their content, for instance “P.S. Really liked your article on the need to embrace technology”. If you do use a P.S. you must be specific. If it looks like a copy-and-paste job, you’ll get as much time from the recipient as you’ve spent on them. I'm using these techniques (and others) to see 35-40% connection rate (don’t believe nonsense from people saying they get 90%+ connection rate – they’re connecting with people you and I would not see value in connecting with). I’d love to hear your thoughts too. What’s working for you? And if this is useful insight, let me know. Happy to share tips on building your profile and other aspects of using LinkedIn to grow your business.

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2021-10-31 20:41:12 UTC