We’re delighted with the turnout we had at last Wednesday’s session! We covered a lot of ground, had a really vibrant conversation about how you manage the busy period, and here are the key takeaways: -Chasing clients is a huge problem, and several of those who attended highlighted having systems that are good at chasing in place. What systems are you using? -Automation, automation, automation. MTD is happening, and convincing clients to onboard to digital platforms is a priority. For those of you with reticent clients, it may be worth asking if you should let them go. Recruitment difficulties are a big issue at the moment and automating and minimising tasks that allow an administrator to do them will free up resources. -It’s important when communicating with clients to show them the value of moving away from spreadsheets. The client is not doing your job by implementing bookkeeping software. If anything, it’s maximising the service you can offer by freeing you up for advisory work. -A strong evaluation of your tech stack and how you might integrate the various solutions could be a huge asset for you. There was the mention of having to move away from desktop software, and with the advent of MTD, you have the chance to reflect on how best to do this. @Denny Carr @Dominic @Abacus @Sharon.cooke @karenkennedy @Marnhullman, what were your key takeaways?

Posted by Accountants' Club at 2022-02-02 11:22:22 UTC